Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yay, banner :)

Should there by any chance that you want to become my affiliate then here it is,
the Leetman banner.
Please post your banner and link with the comments so I can put your link here as well :3

Please check this website:
It has very nice pictures


Mark said...

Hey, About the keyboard, well a few years of eating above it, let it collect crumbs, dust, other stuff I couldnt see what it was when I took it out, thats how I got that!
and, I will post a link/banner to your page!

greets, Mark

Prodigity said...

I will link back to you!

Mark said...

GREAT! thanks, I donated 1 euro to you.. it was still sitting in my paypal so, HERE you go! ;)

where are you from?

Prodigity said...

You de-virginated my paypal account :P
I'm from the Netherlands

Mark said...

haha, ik ook ;)
Ik vond je naam al wat nederlands aan doen! bijna geen een land heeft nog de in hun naam!

(je vraagt je misschien nu af, waarom ik in het engels blog, Ik heb veel amerikaanse vrienden/family, en ga als het goed is daar ook wonen )

ps. als je nog vragen heb kan je me emailen naar compier "at" gmail . com :)