Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh yeah!

How many can you handle :O?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The trinity :: update

I've colored the picture a bit more and did a few quick improvements here and there (less white around the edges).
I see I need to redraw Roels arm & glasses (guy in upleft corner)...

The trinity

A close friend of mine has started making a comic about me, him and an other friend of ours.
Him, being the guy in the top left corner (Roel).
Me, being the guy in the middle (Joshua) and the other guy (Senne).
It happens to come in handy that he's rather good in sketching and coming up with ideas and I'm semi-good in tracing and coloring stuff, hence we're working together to make this comic.
Still I've only just begun with using the path tool and I have the occasional problem of getting white dots if I try to fill an area closed with the path tool, any suggestions anyone?

See below:
The trinity (W.I.P. ;go figure...)


Pretty good for a first attempt at drawing a naked woman don't you think? ;)
Eitherway, I made her in GIMP with the path tool (I hate myself for not knowing of it's existence for such a long time xD) took me quite some hours;
End result is good but not amazing, her anatomy seems a bit off but I'll get round to fixing that sooner or later..

she is 1024*768 pixels *cough*background*cough*

face ::update:: [2]

Not much to say here, just finished the area around the eyes.

To do;
-Finish rest of head
-Proper smoothing
-Make good textures
-Adding hair