Wednesday, July 23, 2008

face ::update::

I'm made some modifications to the face so it looks somewhat smoother,
also I made some changes which should allow me to rig the face with a skeleton without getting weird distortions.
To be continued..

Skeleton rigged dude

The idea here was to create a low-poly count, skeleton rigged character to import into
warcraft III, I've managed to create the model, some veerrrryyyyy simple materials and all the necessary animations.
The problem is however; milkshape doesn't support the fileformat which warcraft uses so I need to convert the file which hasn't been succesfull so far.... :'/
Anywayz, this is my first skeleton rigged, vertex weighted & animated model so I'm proud of it;
it consists out of 435 triangles making it perfect for rts's..

the retarded smiley was done on purpose, it's awesome.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Epic swordsz

Not much to say, except I'm creating a custom sword for oblivion in Milkshape <3d (typo intended).
Please tell me how awesome I am.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Lately, I've been gaining a huge interest for modeling and decided to do it more often
in order to polish my skillz.
Hence I've started a project;
Try to remake someone's head in milkshape with the help of reference pictures in order to create a detailed model which looks realistic from every angle.
Progress so far:
Obviously it's not finished, I still need to model 70% of the face and it needs to be skinned but I'm happy with what I've accomplished till now.

Developing the most awesome weapon ever! -part 1-

Recently my dads vacuumcleaner started dropping into pieces (wheels were broken off, hose-thingy had a rip in it and the auto-winding mechanism for the electric cable stopped working).
So my dad decided to buy a new one and knowing me he asked if I would like to keep the old one to screw around with.
So I carefully RIPPED it open and removed every piece, after which I reassembled the engine, button, power-dial and the electric circuit.
I drilled holes into the engine's plastic housing and connected the electronic circuit by using those plastic ehhh(see ascii) -----[] becomes -[-]--- attachment loopy things.
I don't have any pictures available right now so I'll use my 3d sketch as a reference;
The idea is that the engine blows air into a valve connected to a y-valve which stores the air in a metal cylindrical container.
After switching off the engine you would pull the lever which would change the air pathway from engine-container to container-barrel which would shoot a projectile of my choice.
Stay tuned...

NES Mario 3d :)

Yeah, so... updating is a bitch.
I don't really have the discipline but I'll try to once in a while.
Anywayz, the story:

A few weeks ago I got the sudden urge to replicate mario in excel by giving the fields equal dimensions and changing their backgrounds to match mario's pixels, which came to look like this:

I had some good laughs and thus proceeded by making one on my maths notebook which had a grid on it.

Few days ago I decided to remake him in milkshape 3d (which was only like.. 15 mins work) and after that I decided to make a whole environment for him to jump in and be all mario-like: